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A most unusual and decorative large Dachluhr. The case is veneered in highly figured Lochenash with the rare feature of an inlaid backboard with floral scroll work. It has an opening top door and a lift out main door.

The month duration movement has a deadbeat escapement, maintaining power and the usual fine wheel work. It has substantial, but plain, pillars. The clock strikes the hours on a gong mounted on the backplate. The backplate is stamped for the maker F.Stejskal v. Praze. The seconds beating pendulum, which is a replacement, has a large heavy brass bob and a steel rod with brass compensation bars. The clock is powered by two brass cased weights hanging from nicely pierced five spoke pulleys.

The enamel dial has Roman numerals and nicely fretted beetle and poker hands in blued steel. It has a large and beautifully cast gilded bezel.

Height: 59″ (151 cm)

The maker Frantisec Stejskal is noted as working from the middle of the 19th Century in Prague.

Restoration Notes:-

1. The case of the clock was in reasonable condition, but needed some small restoration to veneers around the top of the lift out door. The rest of the case just        needed refreshing.
2. The movement and dial were good and the movement has been cleaned, oiled and overhauled where necessary.
3. The pendulum that came with the clock was non-original and not restorable. A replacement has been made and fitted. We can be sure that it was this style of pendulum originally, as the very large case needs a heavy and robust pendulum to fill its length and breadth.

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Frantisec Stejskal, Prague: SOLD

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