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A very fine walnut Laterndluhr, the case with well figured veneers and ebonised mouldings, has an ogee pedimented roof, the usual opening hood door and lift out doors for the main trunk and the pendulum box.  The under curved base of the clock has a further ebonised moulding near the bottom.

The dial of the clock is a particularly fine feature.  It is a silvered two piece dial with engine turned centre and engine turned centre to the seconds dial.  There is a gilded signature plaque above VI and the outer bezel is wide and has fine fire gilt engine turning.  The blued steel hands are very fine and of an unusual shape.

The month duration grande sonnerie movement has thick movement plates with a narrow separation between them to avoid flexing of the arbors.  The three main barrels protrude out of the backplate of the clock and are secured by heavy brass cocks.  The movement employs Fertbauer’s escapement which takes the form of a fully gimballed and knife edge suspended top part of the pendulum in which are set the deadbeat pallets.  The knife edge is fully adjustable in order to achieve the correct drop on the escapement.  This form of escapement was used by other early makers and is only found on the finest clocks.  The quarters and hours are struck on two steel gongs and are of very deep tone.  These are mounted on the substantial brass mounting plate which holds the movement in the case.  The clock has a steel rod pendulum and a large brass bob.

Length: 67″ (170 cm)

Josef Gritsch was born in 1796 and died in 1868.  He is noted as working in Vienna between 1829 and 1847.

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