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An extremely attractive and rare month duration grande sonnerie Dachluhr.  The case has finely chosen rosewood veneers and has beautifully executed detailing both to the roof top and to the door and base of the case.  The roof top has a ripple moulding to its edge with gesso mounts within the arch.  The full length lockable door has similar ripple mouldings to the glazing and carved wooden capitals at the top and bottom of the door.  The base has further conforming ripple mouldings with an under curved shape and a further gesso mount.

The two piece enamel dial is signed and dated for the maker ‘A. Hofbauer, Wien 1840’.  It has nicely shaped blued steel hands and a gilded pie crust bezel.

The month duration grande sonnerie movement has very fine wheel work, as is required for a month duration clock, and relatively narrow plate separation.  It strikes the quarters and hours on two gongs mounted on the back of the movement.  The three weights are brass cased and run in star crossed pulleys.  It has a wood rod pendulum with a large brass bob.  It has a normal deadbeat escapement and maintaining power.  The pendulum runs against a silvered beat plaque set on the backboard.  It is worth noting that a month duration grande sonnerie clock will strike just under 26,000 hammer blows per month.  Not bad for a 24″ weight drop!

Height:    50″ (127 cm)

The maker, Anton Hofbauer Junior, is noted as working in Hütteldorf, Vienna until about 1846.

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