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A beautifully proportioned and quite small timepiece Laterndluhr.  The case, which is exceptionally flat to the wall, has a typical pedimented roof but with the shallow arch much used by Reschnovan.  It goes down into a narrow central trunk and a larger bottom box.  The under curved base of the clock is most unusual and has a very thin tip to it.  The whole case has well chosen mahogany veneers and unusually is edged with ebony rather than with boxwood.  The carcase members of the hood and both of the doors are particularly narrow and this, coupled with the extreme flatness to the wall of the clock, gives it a wonderfully elegant appearance.

The enamel dial, signed for the maker ‘Alexander Reschnovan in Zombor’ has Roman numerals and is of convex shape.  It is surrounded by a beautifully engine turned and gilded bezel.  The blued steel hands are of beetle and poker shape.

The fine quality weight driven movement has maintaining power and Graham’s deadbeat escapement.  It is mounted in the clock by means of a brass mounting plate fixed to the backboard with pillars coming from it which locate in the keyhole holes on the backplate of the movement.  It has an attractive gridiron pendulum of brass and steel which, although smaller, is identical in form to the gridiron pendulums on the other three clocks that we have had by this maker.  The pendulum that came with the clock when we purchased it was not correct and therefore had to be changed.

Length:    40″ (102 cm)

The maker, Alexander Reschnovan, is not noted in either Claterbos or Kaltenböck, we have however had a number of clocks through our hands by him and he obviously used an excellent case maker as all of his cases, like the clock here, are of superb proportions and quality.  All of the clocks we have had by him have employed gridiron pendulums.

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Alexander Reschnovan in Zombor: SOLD

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