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An exceptional and rare early Viennese Laterndluhr. The case has a domed top with flat platform and a lift out middle hood section which has an opening gilded and engine turned glazed bezel. There are large glass side windows to the hood.

The thin trunk has a lift out front door with gilded and cast brass stringing. The pendulum box has no glass to the sides but has a sliding glazed panel to the front, again with cast gilded stringing. There is an under curved base with a half round moulding to the bottom.

The porcelain dial has Arabic numerals and a seconds dial and date dial. The blued steel hands are heavily counter balanced.

The month duration timepiece movement is fully enclosed within a brass circle thus giving full dust protection. All of the wheel work is mounted in cocks and bridges screwed to the backplate. The clock has maintaining power and deadbeat escapement. The main barrel protrudes through the backplate and is supported by a heavy brass cock. There are steel end stops throughout. The backplate is signed and dated ‘Brandl in Wien anno 1811’. The clock has a very heavy brass and steel rod pendulum suspended from the backboard. The weight is offset to the left.

Length: 57″ (145 cm)

Casper Brandl was born in Debrecin and became a Master clockmaker in 1798 at which time he was working from Wieden Muehley 456 in Vienna. He continued working in Vienna for a further 20 years, but by 1818 he handed back his Authorization and requested a Settlement Permit to move back to Hungary stating that he was driven by home sickness. During those 20 years, however, he produced a number of exceptional clocks.

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