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2769 Fertbauer in Wien – SOLD

An extremely rare, possibly unique, month duration timepiece by this famous maker in a mahogany case. Circa 1810.

An early Laterndluhr. The case of typical Fertbauer style has a concave top ending in a flat pad. This then proceeds through an ebonised moulding into the removable hood which has glazed apertures to the side with shaped ebonised mouldings at the edge of the glass. The front of the hood has an ebonised raised stringing line around the edge with a small gilded and engine turned opening bezel with heavily domed glass. The clock proceeds down into the trunk via subdued ears, again with ebonised stringing. It has a lift out front door with ebonised moulds to the sides and to the edge of the glass and two glass panels at the side, again with ebonised edging. The bottom box has solid sides and a slide out front glazed door. The clock is finished with an undercut base terminating in a half moon moulding.

The small 8 inch enamel dial has Roman numerals with an outer minute ring with 5 minute Arabic numerals. It has a seconds dial below 12 o’clock and is signed above 6 o’clock for the maker ‘Fertbauer in Wien.’ The winding hole is offset to the right.

This clock has the only month duration movement by Fertbauer that we have seen in 30 years of dealing in early Viennese clocks. All of his clocks are 8 day duration and we wonder if this was a special commission. Having said that, the movement is typical of the maker, with a fully glass enclosed rear portion, and some of the movement housed within the brass enclosed area behind the dial. It employs Fertbauer’s deadbeat escapement whereby the pallets of the escapement are set into the top of the pendulum which is suspended from a fully adjustable gimballed knife edge at the top of the movement. This dispenses with the need for a crutch and gets rid of the friction inherent in that method of manufacture. The clock has a long barrel which protrudes out of the back of the movement and is hidden by the deep mounting block to which the movement is fixed.

The pendulum is again typical of Fertbauer with a round steel rod and a heavy brass, lead filled, bob with an engraved adjustment screw and blued steel pointer running against a silvered beat scale fixed to the bottom of the case.

The hands are beautifully crafted and are typical beetle and poker style.

The clock is only some 5 inches deep and 57 inches high.

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