VT8 Thos. Cole, London SOLD2020-11-06T13:20:16+00:00
VT4 Vulliamy, No 1347 SOLD2020-11-06T13:20:57+00:00
VT10 Condliff, Liverpool SOLD2020-11-06T13:21:28+00:00
848 Thos Percival, London SOLD2020-11-06T13:09:39+00:00
31914 Blondeau, Paris, No 819 SOLD2020-03-31T15:22:52+01:00
31916 Stubbs, Old Kent Road SOLD2020-11-06T13:10:57+00:00
845 G F Frodsham, 31 Gracechurch Street SOLD2020-11-06T13:11:36+00:00
31910 Grande sonnerie carriage clock with alarm retailed by Hunt & Roskell SOLD2020-01-17T15:31:20+00:00
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